Since 1973 it has been our aim to find the most cost-effective route of transportation for each and every assignment.

1973: Gründung der MONTAN Speditionsges.m.b.H.

1977: Construction of the facilities in Kapfenberg
1978: Entrance into combined freight transportation; from the start with own eqipment, the MOCO (MOntan COntainer)
1984: Grand opening of the branch office in Villach

1988: Expansion of the facilities in Kapfenberg

1989: Construction of the freight handling and storage facilities in Fürnitz with a private container terminal

1993: MONTAN Turkey was founded in Istanbul

1994: Development and Building of Bulk-Container

1995: Expansion to the east, Clearing and processing facilities in Cierna Nad Tisou, Slovakia

1998: Start of the MONTAN complete freight transportation

1999: Expansion of the private terminal with a new container lift truck in Kapfenberg
2001: The PROSYS Software GmbH was founded

2002: Development of special containers for agricultural goods

2003: AGRAR Speditionsges.m.b.H. was founded

2004: Acquisition of 200 pieces Multi container

2005: Construction Start of Montan Terminal Kapfenberg GmbH

2007: Grand opening of Montan Terminal Kapfenberg

2008: Further development of proven Bulk-Container-Series

2009: Establishing of Container- and Forklift-Management-System at Terminal Kapfenberg
          Ecology Certification according to standard ISO:14001:2004

2010: Further development of Muli-Container-Series
          New roof for bulk-good-boxes at site Kapfenberg

2011: Building of covered bulk-good-boxes at site Fürnitz

2012: Development and building of new Half-Container-Series

2013: New Ecology Certification according to standard ISO:14001:2004
          Montan Spedition celebrates 40-years-anniversary
          Expansion of Montan Terminal Kapfenberg with new 45 to-reach stacker
2013: Market launch of new container series MOCO-Triple with 200 pieces
2014: Building of 2 new covered bulk-good-boxes at Montan Terminal Kapfenberg
2014: Development and building of prototype which can be (un)loaded from 3 sides (top, rear, side)

2015: Based on prototype, market launch of new container series MOCO-Flex with 100 pieces
2015: Market launch of new container series MOCO-Bulk-XL with 50 pieces as ideal addition to MOCO-Triple-Series
C-331 moco tripple 3000 stack.11 webversionP-321 Montan 3000.16 webversion
2015: Expansion of Montan Terminal Kapfenberg with new 45 to-reach stacker
IMG 0228 webversionIMG 0224 webversionIMG 0218 webversion
2017: Acquisition of 70 new pieces Flex container (MOCO-Flex)
          Montan Spedition buys the remaining shares of Montan Terminal Kapfenberg
2018: Acquisition of 110 new pieces Triple container (MOCO-Triple)
          Acquisition of 30 new pieces Bulk-XL container (MOCO-Bulk XL)
2019: Expansion of site Fürnitz with a new Liebherr-Frontloader
DSC 0194 webversionDSC 0195 webversion
2020: Development and building of prototyp with sliding roof which can be opened and closed easily and fast

2021: Based on prototype, market launch of new container series MOCO-Bulk ROOF with scheduled 300 pieces
MONTANSPED 060422 0009 web kleinMONTANSPED 060422 0003 web klein

2022: Acquisition of 100 new pieces Flex container (MOCO-Flex)
          Acquisition of 114 new pieces Bulk-XL container (MOCO-Bulk XL)