The MOCO-Bulk XL especially for voluminous (eg scrap) or very fine-grained (eg minerals) bulk goods!

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The MOCO-Bulk-XL is a 30 ft Open-Top and Rear-Open-Container, which can be loaded and unloaded from 2 sides. Goods can be stuffed into the MOCO-Bulk-XL either from the top (Open-Top) or from the rear (Rear-Open). Thus this container can be applied for the transport of bulk goods, cranable goods and materials which are loaded and unloaded from the top (eg by front loader or crane) or by forklift from the rear. The main applications of the container are the metal-scrap-logistics (ferrous and non-ferrous-scrap) and the transport of mineralic raw materials as gypsum and lime.

» Universal Loading and Unloading Opportunities

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→ Loading with bulky material from the top with
front loader
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→ Loading with bulky material from the top with
clutch or excavator
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→ Discharging of bulky material by tipping
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MOCO3000 SCHROTT014 web klein
→ Unloading bulky material with clutch or excavator
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→ Loading and unloading with cranable goods from the top
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→ Loading and unloading with forklift truck from the rear
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» Varied Transportation Opportunities

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→ Street: transport on trucking-chassis
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→ Rail: transport on railway car
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» Easy Handling

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→ With reach stacker
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MONTAN SPEDITION 2019 073 web small
3000MOCO077 web klein
→ Empty also with regular forklift truck

» MOCO-Bulk-XL as „rolling stock“

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→ Storage of goods in container at depot

» Properties and Advantages of Bulk-XL-Containers

  • High loading weights with lightweight steel construction
  • 100% weather protection with 11 roof racks and tarpaulin
    • Cover tarpaulin is positioned exactly to protect goods from weather and moisture
  • The flexible Bulk-Container: ideal for bulky material, cranable goods with bundle length up to 9 m and heavy pallets bigger 1 to/pal.
  • Inner measures according to EUR-measures fit ideally for pallets with EUR-dimensions
  • Opportunity for establishing shuttle traffic: bringing bulky raw materials to production and direct taking over of finished products
  • Doors on the rear side
    • Unloading of bulky goods with big grain size
    • Dock loading possible
  • Upper vertical carrier at rear door frame is movable and replacable (swing-out door frame)
    • Crane loading independent from height of crane track
  • Load room is completely made of steel
    • Smooth surfaces (eg steel floor) for a residue-free discharge when tipping
    • Especially of importance for transportation of sharp-edged metal scrap and fine, powdery to even dusty minerals
  • Optimised side wall height of 1.917 mm
    • High enough for optimal loading volume of about 37 m3, low enough for loading places with limited loading heights
  • Fully dense container
    • Only front opening and door panels with additional seals
    • Important for fine, powdery to even dusty raw materials in bulk and low bulk density (as e.g. gypsum, lime, etc.)
  • Perfect combination with MOCO-Triple
    • Height of MOCO-Bulk-XL is optimised in a way that stacking with MOCO-Triple is possible while rail-transport

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» Shuttle- and Scrap-Logistics

  • Shuttle-Logistics Raw material-Finished products
    • Raw materials in bulk are unloaded, immediate re-loading with finished products
    • Such Shuttle-Logistics not possible with regular road transportation
  • Scrap-Logistics
    • Construction of MOCO-Bulk-XL as complete steel design
    • Bulky goods are loaded from the top with clamshell and discharge by tipping
    • Tipping via complete open rear doors
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» Technical Details

  • Length: 30 ft (outside 9.125 mm, inner loading length 8.967 mm)
  • Width: outside 2.550 mm, inner loading width 2.428 mm
  • Height: outside 1.917 mm, inner loading height 1.669 mm
  • Rear door
    • Height: entire container height respectively unlimited due to swing-out door frame
    • Width: entire container width
  • Euro-pallets: 22 pieces on one layer
  • Loading volume: up to 37 m³
  • Tare weight: 3.200 kg
  • Available Quantity: 194 pcs.