The unique, self-developed 30 ft container technology for the UCT (unaccompanied combined transport). The stable and compact construction with multi-flexible application opportunities guarantees an economic alternative to road transports.

We have different MOCO-types in use, e.g. special MOCOs for bulky goods or also for finished products.

3000MOCO089 zugeschnitten web klein

The specialist for bulky raw materials and
metal goods
MOCO 5000 NEU145 zugeschnitten web small
The Flexible can be loaded and unloaded from 3 sides
The allrounder for bulky goods and
finished products

» The advantages at a glance

  • Usage of all advantages of UCT [→ more....]
  • High loading weights due to low tare weight
  • Short running times without jams and driver rest periods due to complete block trains
  • Application from 1 load to unlimited yearly tonnage: in total we possess more than 1.000 MOCO-units
  • While changing transport mode no goods manipulation, ony loading units are reloaded
  • Flexible system

    • Flexible loading and delivery opportunities equal to truck-transports
    • Short term calls: empty MOCOs are ready for loading at terminal depots
    • Montan trucking partners in whole Europe and daily departures of complete block trains
    • Local trucking partners for the (un-)loading guarantee local added value, as well as local knowledge and on top of that prevent language/understanding problems
    • „Rolling Stock“ and just-in-time-delivery: opportunity for an economic and weather protected storage of the goods in the MOCO at the arrival terminal till required delivery date
  • Main leg on railway
    • Higher load and transport security (minimizes risk of accidents)
    • Economic: cost benefits due to complete, block trains and high loading weights
    • Ecologic: climate protection due to environment friendly transport
    • Independent of changing fuel prices and road charges