The realisation of integrated logistics concepts is not feasible without temporary storage opportunities. To ensure this, we provide at our sites in Kapfenberg and Fürnitz a comprehensive storage infrastructure.

» Containerdepot

  • Depot for hundreds of 20, 30, 40 and 45 ft-container
  • Containermanipulation with modern 45 to-Reach-Stacker
  • Montan-Containerdepots are favorable locations for shipping-line's empty-container-depots in economically strong regions Upper Styria and 3-border-triangle Austria-Italy-Slovenia

» Container-Management and Forklift-Control-System

Each reach stacker is equipped with an own Container-Management and Forklift-Control-System, which controls and monitors every reach-stacker-movement.


» Covered and Free Storage

  • In total 15.000 m² covered storage
  • Shelf or block storage with covered goods manipulation
  • More than 70.000 m² free area
  • Goods manipulation with single weights up to 16 tons (handling with forklift) or up to 45 tons (with reachstacker)
  • Tailormade and universal IT-supported logistics concepts: from collection of goods, via putaway and storage till picking incl. delivery
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» Covered Bulk-Storage

  • 27 (14 in Kapfenberg and 13 in Fürnitz) covered bulk good boxes
  • Dry storage of bulky goods
  • Boxes equipped with canopy: dry and weather protected manipulation of bulky goods
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