We are focussed of course on montanistical goods like metallic and mineral raw materials or steel and metal goods. However we also deal with many other product groups.

» Bulky Goods

  • Metallic or mineral raw materials (e.g. ore, ferro-alloys, minerals, salt, slag, scrap) as stones, granules, pellets, powder, etc. or all other bulky goods
  • Leading provider of transport, manipulation or storage of bulky materials
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» Cranable Goods

Transport goods which are loaded or unloaded with crane, like metallic long products (e.g. bars, tubes, profiles, plate packages, etc.) or coils (e.g. plates)

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» Finished Products

Packed finished products (on pallets, in big bags, in cartons, etc.) like regular commodity goods, aluminum- and steel parts, building materials, consumer goods, chemical products, etc.

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» Agricultural Goods

  • Organisation of a dry and secure transport of bulky or packed agricultural products like seeds, grain, feeding stuff, fertilizers, etc.
  • All loading and unloading opportunities