fallbeispiel ukv allg eng web klein Multi-modal traffic solutions are freight transports, where cargo units  (as MOCO, swap bodies, containers) are transported on the total distance by at least two different modes of transport (e.g. road, rail, sea). The Montan Spedition deals exclusively with the conbination of rail and road transport, the so called unaccompanied combined transport (UCT), raild-road, where only the cargo units are transported.

Characteristic of the combined traffic rail-road is to link the advantages of two modes: the mass performance of the railway, which is ideal for linking long distances, with the flexibility of the truck that is unbeatable in short and medium distances for collecting and distributing traffic. Combined transport is principally suited to transport all kinds of goods that are also transported by truck over long distances.


Use of the advantages of rail and road without goods manipulation

  • Rail: Transport of large quantities of goods over long distances with high transport security
  • Street: Flexible loading and delivery opportunities
  • By linking both modes, the respective advantages are applied ideally
  • Only complete loading units change from one mode to the other; goods are not reloaded, but stay "untouched".

» Economic

  • High loading weights - this is especially for heavy montan-goods a big transport advantage
  • Road charges only at pre- and subsequent leg
  • Independent of fluctuating fuel prices
  • Free vehicle and staff capacities, less vehicle costs
  • Exemptions from bans
  • High transport security on railway
  • Reduce road congestion (avoidance of traffic jams/accidents)

» Ecologic

  • environment and climate friendly transport mode, contribution to climate change through CO2-reduction